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    OCuSOFT Inc. is a privately-held Richmond, TX USA-based research, development and supply company specializing in eye and skin care that started with a vision to address the needs of those suffering from ocular surface disease with innovative solutions. Since 1986, OCuSOFT’s commitment to health care professionals and their patients has been unparalleled. Today, the company is most recognized for its #1 doctor recommended brand of eyelid cleansers, OCuSOFT Lid Scrub, in addition to its standing as the preferred distributor of ophthalmic products and supplies by eye care professionals. 

    OCuSOFT has been continuously named a Top Work Place by the Houston Chronicle, a Best Place to Work by the Houston Business Journal and a Best & Brightest Place to Work For by the National Association for Business Resources. Congratulations Team OCuSOFT!

    Mission Statement

    Dedicated to addressing clinical needs with innovative solutions, OCuSOFT strives to improve each patient's health by providing the highest quality products for not only eye care, but also skin care.


    In 1986, Nat G. Adkins, Jr., Co-Chairman of the Board, and Cynthia L. Barratt, CEO/Co-Chairman of the Board, founded a research, development and funding company under the name CYNACON Inc., and later formed OCuSOFT Inc., as a separate corporation to market over-the-counter ophthalmic products. The two corporations soon merged and are today known only as OCuSOFT.

    Recognizing the need for an easy-to-use product to effectively manage eyelid irritations, OCuSOFT introduced the first commercially available eyelid cleanser, OCuSOFT Lid Scrub in 1987. A pioneer in the industry, OCuSOFT also introduced the first leave-on eyelid cleanser, the first topical anesthetic gel and the first supplement proven to enhance botulinum toxin injections.

    Today, OCuSOFT is the #1 doctor recommended brand of eyelid cleansers and remains the preferred distributor of ophthalmic products and supplies by eye care professionals. OCuSOFT accomplishes this designation with a highly trained sales force that calls on medical professionals nationwide and superior customer service. With unparalleled commitment, OCuSOFT maintains its reputation as one of the most trusted and respected companies on ophthalmology.

    Core Values

    OCuSOFT is passionate about LIFE! 






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