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    Cat With Glasses (6" X 4")

    "Eye See It's Time For Your Vision Exam. " 50/Pack.

    Doggone It (4" X 6")

    "Doggone it. . . It's been too long since we've seen you. " 50/pack.

    Focus Matters (4" X 6")

    "Focus on what matters. " 50/pack.

    Gr8 Eyes License Plate (6" X 4")

    "20/20 GR8-EYES The Perfect Vision State" 50/pack.

    Healthy Eyes Emoji (4" X 6")

    "#HealthyEyes It's time for your eye exam. " 50/pack.

    Herd Of Cows (6" X 4")

    "Herd it was time for your eye exam. " 50/pack.

    Professional Biological Trinocular Microscope 40X-1600x

    A full-size high quality widefield trinocular microscope with a contemporary design and Siedentopf head. There are four widefield magnification settings from 40X to 1600X, a safe low voltage halogen illumination system, a 3D mechanical stage with spiral Abbe condenser and iris, a sturdy metal framework and coaxial coarse and fine focusing.

    Vision Glasses (6" X 4")

    "Vision" 50/pack.

    Scatter Clear Glasses & Moustache Bags 9 X 12 50/Box

    Transparent 50/Box 9 X 12 Bag.

    For Your Office